TSA Security

Orlando Sanford international airport has TSA security, which is responsible for the passengers' safety.

TSA security, at Sanford international airport, advises travelers to arrive at the airport 2 hours early for their domestic flight and 3.5 hours before for international flights because procedures may take time.

Passengers are strictly required to review the terms and firmly adhere to the rules.

Screening procedure

The transportation security administration office is responsible for the security procedures at Orlando Sanford international airport. Security screening is a part of the security procedures. During security, screening passengers are asked to remove prohibited items from their baggage. Passengers also can pack food in their carry on luggage, but they must go through x-ray screening.

TSA precheck

TSA security provides TSA precheck for passengers. TSA precheck is a screening program that allows pre-arranged air travelers fast screening experience. TSA Pre travelers don't need to remove personal items such as belts, coats, liquids, or laptops during the screening process. Passengers can fill an online application form in advance, and it will take only five minutes.